Yoga & Conservation

Not just your ordinary boutique. Through the many years in the lifestyle industry, we have developed a very close connection to nature. In fact, its the maintenance of our beaches, seas, rivers, oceans and coastlines that keep our business growing. Its in our interest to keep these natural resources as pristine as possible. 

Unfortunately, we as humans do not take care of our planet. This will have adverse affects on our existence and ofcourse the experiences we have through lifestyle. 

So we promote and actively work with conservation efforts. We also promote wellness and health through gastronomoy and ofcourse through lifestyle exercise uch as Yoga, Pilates and ofcourse WaterSports in general. 

Join us for the most unique experience here in Calpe. Learn about our movements, projects and goals. You wont be disappointed. 

The pioneer providers of Fitness through watersports and hydrotherapy. Join us here in Calpe for exclusive Yoga and Yoga SUP sessions in the peacful waters of the Natural Park. Videos below. Feel good every day! 

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