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It’s like kitesurfing on your everyday surfboard. The same flex, weight and feel that everyone loves when surfing, now available in a board that can cope with the board abuse that kitesurfing brings.

This is the ultimate crossover kiteboard. The one board quiver for everyone who kites as well as surfs. Surf in the morning when the wind is weak or offshore, Kite in the afternoon sea breeze. Total weight saver when traveling, bring just one board.

Based on a traditional high performance shortboard with a little added with in the middle, to make it friendly for average surfers. It has a fair bit of rocker in the nose which is flattened out in the tail, this makes the board plane earlier and helps upwind performance.

Medium to thin rails make it grip the water and give you control at high speeds which are tipical when kitesurfing. The squash tail is really thin for optimal feel with the water.

The Kite/surf crossover version of this board comes with our Hexfusion tech as standard. The surf version of the Klokhouse has the normal deck construction, we don’t advise kitesurfing on the normal construction as the deck will dent under the continuous heel pressure.

Choosing a board and board size for both kitesurfing and surfing is tricky, as you usually kite on a smaller board than you surf on. In this case, choose the board as you would a normal surfboard. You wil probably kite on a size to big, but that is way less of a problem than surfing on a size to small.

KHK     Width Thickness Volume Surfer weight *
5’8” 18.75” 2,2” 26 L <65 KG
5’10” 19” 2,25” 28 L 65-80 KG
6’0” 19.25” 2,3” 30 L 75-90 KG
6’2″ 19.5” 2,35” 32 L 90< KG


TIGHT ●●●○○
UPWIND ●●●●○
POCKET ●●●○○
ARC ●●●●○
WAVES ●●●●○


When ordering a board custom from us, or any dealer you can choose the following options:

  • smaller or bigger than stock dims
  • squash-, square-, or swallowtail 
  • Futures or FCS-2 fin boxes
  • custom color work  
  • name, phone number or anything else written on the stringer.

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