ApplePie Strapless

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Brand: Apple Tree Surfboards
Product Code: ApplePie Kite

The performance of our best selling surfboard, re-engineered for surfing with a kite. A slightly wider board with a wider tail makes for a lose surfboard that generates a lot of down the line speed. The flatter rocker foil of the board makes it easy to ride in low wind conditions, and it’s also a good performer for airs and flat water tricks. Hexfusion tech gives it the resilience needed for kitesurfing wear and tear. Even when landing big airs 

Rails are performance oriented, pinched toward the rear end to provide grip and control.  

Our favorite for downwind sessions, because it is super playful and easy to ride down the line. It comes with 5 fin boxes, we advise surfing it as a quad when surfing on the spot, to increase upwind drive and as a thruster when downwinding, to make it stable at speed and  crisp in the turns.


ApplePie Kite Width Thickness Volume Surfer weight
5’4” 19” 2,2” 24,7 L <70 KG
5’6” 19,25” 2,3” 26,4 L 70-85 KG
5’8” 19,5” 2,35” 28.5 L 85< KG


LOOSE ●●●●●
UPWIND ●○○○○
POCKET ●●●●○
ARC ●○○○○
WAVES ●●●●○

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