F-One Manawa 2017

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The ASC starts at 1099 euros! ~~The 9' is the most versatile board of the MANAWA line; it is made for those who want a compact board that is accessible for all riders. Stable due to its width of 30.5" and lively at only 9' long it is the perfect board to progress quickly. With a rounded outline the board will be very smooth and lively without having to reposition yourself on the board. Quick and efficient on takeoff, the MANAWA will maintain its speed and allow you to surf longer. Thanks to the Bevel rails, board will be able to ride faster and bigger waves.

The 9'6" by 32.5" MANAWA is the best compromise for riders who want a board that can be lively and extremely stable. With 157 liters of volume this board is accessible to everyone and very versatile. With its length of 9'6'' cruising will be a pleasure and catching a wave will be a breeze. The Bevel rails will make surfing exciting when the waves get bigger.

The 10' by 33" MANAWA was made for riders over 80 kg, that are looking to cruise and learn to surf. The board was designed to be fun and easy to use. The 10' is particularly good at catching waves. The board will accelerate gently on the takeoff and allow the rider to feel in control right from the beginning. The length to width ratio combined with the Bevel rails will let the rider execute some smooth turns or cruise down the wave in complete control. This is a board that the whole family can enjoy.


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