Donate Your Old Kites

Donate your old kites to us here at the shop in Calpe. We will take them and put them to good use. Any condition, any where in Europe. Just send it to us or drop it off at the shop. Here at GravityCartel, we operate as EU agents for DSD kite manufacturing facility located in the Philippines. Apart from making kites for large brands, we are fortunate enough to be able to manufacture "designer" picks. These are designs made by our engineering team that are the favorites of the desigers themselves. Saying that, we sell custom designs, not necessarily a branded kite. So, yes we can make you a fully custom kite with a design like no other on the market. Full performance at a fraction of the cost. Top product for less basically. More importantly, out of the production comes alot of scraps and bits that we take to manufacture and upcycle bags (Less Plastic Campaigns) and shopping accessories to give away and donate to villages and towns in need. Most of the time, these are given to under priviledged youth and families in need. Other times, we upcycle the nylon to manufacture outdoor supplies in which we sell to fund social and educational platforms throughout the globe. So, feel free to donate your od kites to us and we will surely try and put the materials to good use. Thank You! 



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