Special Needs (Disabilities) Stand Up Paddling

Special Needs (Disabilities) Stand Up Paddling



Our all access Stand Up Paddle board and adaptive systems are developed by master shaper Pedro Vidal, with the aim of providing a water sport experience for people with special needs and whom do not have access to water sport empowerment.

The boards are built upon multivalent added value and allows the use of the the conventional wheelchair with or without the help of an instructor or guide at the rear. Dimensions, shape and volume create a stability with added trimaran technology to enhance the experience. The final concept was built upon the great outriggers from Hawaii and the Bankas from the Philippines. These outriggers are not fixed but removable as an accessory. It is literally Impossible to flip the board around in the water. Without the added outriggers, the board is equally stable with hypothesis to function as a 'performance' paddling “chair’. Lowering the size of the rider meant a lower point of gravity. Without a chairs, the system works like a normal SUP board with a single fin. Our idea was to keep everything very easy to use and offer convenient fittings for every accessory.


The nose and tail settings allow the user to be in balance, either stationary or in movement. Our end goal is to create confidence and motivation whilst in and out of the water and while doing the activity.

All our boards are shaped by reputable shapers and we only use the best sourced EU raw materials. All our boards are coated with Portuguese cork, which is an excellent raw material regarding strength and reinforcement. 3⁄4 of the deck has EVA (non-slip)'. 6 hooks, a seat insert, 'leash' plugs, center handle, fiberglass floaters with two carbon tubes, two extensible aluminum paddles and a bag are just some of the accessories complementing the board itself.


Terms & Conditions: Accessories can be omitted.

a.) € 1950 / unit + VAT

Board, Board bag, outriggers, 2xadjustable paddles, fin and leash & accessories bag

b.) € 2340 / unit + VAT

Board, Board bag, outiggers, 2 adjustable paddles, fin, leash and our “All Access Performance Chair” suitable for use in fresh or salt water & accessories bag

50% on order confirmation, 50% upon termination. Full payment before delivery. Estimated production time -> 8-10 weeks from confirmation.
Transport NOT included. *Shipping within Europe based on quote.


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