Thanks for stopping by our quaint and humble business. Since the early years we have worked within the lifestyle and watersports business segments providing the best in gastronomy, fashion, music, watersports, business management and promoting wellness through simple living and wholesome experiences with family and friends. 

  • Luz Angela Echeverry: Professional gastronomist and chef. Currently operates the GravityCartel chain of lifestyle stores in Spain and also the beach front chiringuito and bar at the magical Kingfisher Resort in the Philippines. A true wizard in fashion and retail yet also an expert in public relations and F&B management. Educated in Political Science, Luz Angela is a true professional in the service sector. 
  • Christian Ras: Professional watersports athlete and MBA business graduate. Operates the GravityCartel WaterSports sector and also manages the GreenYard ProCenter in the Philippines. 
  • Kiteboard & Surf Manufacturing: We provide B2B and branding for SME's all around the globe with customized manufacturing with our partners in Portugal and the Philippines. Custom boards, paddles, kites and accessories. 
  • Business Consulting: Christian Ras, a local in Asia provides B2B consulting to businesses in the Pearl River Delta region in China and Hong Kong. Fluent in Chinese, Christian ras helps out lifestyle companies of all types to find the ultimate business solutions in Asia. 
  • Hong Kong Incorporation Services: Business services and trade sourcing from our partners and sister operation Mandarin Star AEC located in Hong Kong. 
  • Resort and Restaurant Management
  • Travel and Tour Management 
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