Our sister operation is located in the Philippines. On the North Shore of the island of Luzon, you will find a small coastal town in Ilocos Norte called Pagudpud. Its one of the last frontiers, and we try to keep it as magical as when we came there the first day. No buildings, no bright city lights, no smog and the cleanest air you can breathe in SE Asia. 

Located on the wonderful Kingfisher Resort, you will find both Chef Angelas Kitchen which is a quanit beachside restaurant serving the best in organic and wellness foods. Frontline position gives you the best views of the guys and girls practicing windsurfing and kiteboarding in the best wave and wind spot in SE Asia. Its truly a hidden gem, well worth visiting between the winter months. At least you will find us there! Chef Angela serves up the best in wellness foods, organic and oven baked pizzas and fresh breads. Certainly the terrace is full on a daily basis. 

A few steps away towards your left you will find the GreenYard ProCenter, a full service watersports rental point and school. Here, you can speak with Christian Ras about learning to surf, SUP, windsurf or kiteboard. You can also find out about renting equipment and getting the best deals on weekly, daily and monthly rentals. We also sell material and offer a "rent to buy" program so you can travel light when visiting us. 

Kingfisher Resort is a wonderful and quaint resort with a fully operational restaurant, beach bar (Chef Angelas), watersports center and ofcourse offers a wide range of accomodation from premium beach bungalows, superior rooms, deluxe and ofcourse for those beach bums, fabulous beach huts on the first line. Its all located on its own private beach, which is reserved for guests ONLY. 

Looking for a place to visit during the winter? Look no further. We extend our welcome to you and your family. The spot is child-friendly, and you will absolutely fall in love with the place. We guarantee it. See you in the Philippines if not in Calpe during the summer! 


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