Factory Direct Versus Wholesale

The differences between factory direct and wholesale can be confusing, and when you are shopping around for a promotional product to represent your brand and help spread the word about your company, trying to decipher the differences can seem like one more issue you have to work through.

Straight from the Source Means You Get a Deal

Ordering a product directly from a factory eliminates the middle man. By working with the factory that produces the product, you can make sure you get exactly what you want. When you order your promotional gear from Factory Direct Promos you are working with the designer, manufacturer, distributor and retailer all in one. Since we handle the order from the very beginning through to the very end, we streamline the process and ensure your completely customized product gets to you exactly how you envisioned it and as soon as possible.

It  also means you can take advantage of amazingly low prices since there is no middle man. Working directly with the manufacturer removes some of the links in the supply chain (and their overhead), so you can enjoy a bargain price without sacrificing quality.

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