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BRANDED KITEs - THE ULTIMATE business tool for lifestyle 

Millions of people go to the beach every year and kitesurfing is the most visually spectacular beach sport around, drawing the eyes of attention from everyone. Kites are huge and kites with a customized design can be amazing advertising spaces.

Flying up and down the beach, park or snow all day long, these spaces can be used to advertise local and international businesses, kite-schools or simply for your own kite with a design that suits you perfectly and makes you stand out a little more from the crowd. If you have your own company you can add your company logo to your kites which allows them to be written off as a business operating expense. 

Choose from our OEM designs that include a school/wave, pure wave and a performance freeride model. Designed by ex-Cabrinha and Slingshot team members, our kites are not only unique, they are designed to outperform your expectations. 

Contact us for a personal quote. Prices start at USD325.00 for an order of 5 kites minimum. Other prices apply for single orders or less than 5 units. Screen print costs not included. Weekly shipments to Europe. 


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