GC Lifestyle

GC Lifestyle

Come and visit our fashion and lifestyle boutique in Calpe, Costa Blanca. With all your favorite brands like Volcom, Hurley, Protest, Religion, Undercoat, Oxbow, Lost from bikinis, boardshorts, tees, shirts and more. Experience Calpe like never before. Welcome to GravityCartel. 

Just Add Water. Its not just about surfing, kiteboarding or windsurfing. Its how you look at life from the natural perspective. You will realize, that life does not need to be so complicated. The beautiful thing about nature and the outdoors, is that it stimulates the mind and body in such different ways. We love and live the outdoor life. Water and the sunshine provide such raw energy that clean the soul and offer a peaceful state of mind for curing any health and mental issues. It can help you get back on track, with a new way of looking at the world. Simple steps in realizing teh real importance in life is not measures in currency, silver of gold but in the company you keep and in the surroundings that keep your mind and soul at rest. Join us and find out for yourself. 


A surfer tale from Bodhisatva Surf Films on Vimeo.

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Assorted Stickers
A mixed bag of stickers from your favorite brands.  ..
DWLE DayPack
Our very own Daypack, by the GravityCartel and Driftwood Collaboration. 100% made from upcycled and ..
GravityCartel KeyRing
Customized GravityCartel Key Rings in the form of a surf board. Made in wood and percentage of ..
100% Recycled and Upcycled from Trash and Offcut fabrics. The DWLE Hammock is an essential trav..
Kite Handle Leash
Simple Kite leash ..
Wave riding is a great way to relax. Whether being pulled by a kite or paddling on a SUP or riding p..
SUP Calpe
Book your 1.5 hour SUP trips and excursions with us here at GravityCartel. So, we are the origi..
SUP Rental
We deliver the SUP boards to you wherever you are in Calpe. However, we have our favorite spots and ..
Surf Trip Maps
The map that started it all. Made of 100% awesomeness. Over 1000 surf spots, information about ..
Wayan Walk Shorts
We tried to make these as affordable as possible, yet as comfortable and useful as possible. Pe..