About us

Thanks for visiting our humble grass roots business. We try and maintain our balance between corporate and grass roots by constantly working with social entrepreneurialism. Like most businesses, survival is based on creating revenues and we have realized that markets, consumers, brands, and projects constantly change. Saying that, so do we. We are updating our ways of business constantly and have such a wide array of goods and services to offer our customer. 

Our main goal is to be functional. To provide a great service all whilst creating change in some form or another on a social level. Thats why, you will be happy to hear that our collaboration efforts include a vast array of sustainable, social, conservation and nature based advoacy organizations. Hence, you can feel sure that your doing good business with us. Your helping us help you help the community at large. 

Happy to explain more about our business philosophy over a coffee at the boutique in Calpe or if you find yourselves in Portugal or the Philippines please dont hesitate to find us. We love having company. 

Luz Angela is an awarded Vegan - Vegetarian Chef with a BBA in Political Science and is a wizard in the PR & Hospitality sectors. 

Christian Ras is an MBA Business Graduate / professional coach and athlete with passion in business development, manufacturing, consulting, and social enterprise. 

Hope you have found our humble business interesting and we warmly welome you to our Boutique, Surf House, Gastro-Bar, manufacturing and sales hubs and Empowerment retreats.  All of our projects are tied into social enterprise. 

Christian Ras & Luz Angela

Calle Pintor Sorolla 18, Calpe, Spain