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We are in the business of selling and unforgettable experience. Our business revolves around being and doing good. We work with circular economies. We upcycle and recycle trash and offcuts in our manufacturing processes. We collaborate with social enterprise employing people living close to poverty. We sell organic and ecological clothing lines. We protect our Oceans. We prepare, offer and promote Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyles. We house and take care of abandoned animals. We empower people through nature by living simpler. We help, share and care for our friends, family and customers. Our business is an in depth look into living symbiotically with nature. With your support, we can continue our work with charities, social enterprises, upcycling, ocean conservation and ofcourse with our fabulous collection of clothes and beach lifestyle you will find at our shop here in Calpe. 

We are a business duo offering entrepreneurial business solutions for the community using sustainable, ethical and community based goods and services that add value and empower people to live and just be better. Our simple process uses nature, watersports, gastronomy, travel and experience. Within this lifstyle segment, we strive on health, wellness, adventure, cuisine, music, culture and outdoor action sports offering a truly unique experience in various parts of the world. Our destinations include Calpe, Spain, the Philippines and Portugal. 

Visit our video page for great videos of our lifestyle, tours, trips and camps. For now enjoy the shopping online.


Volcom FroChickie
Volcom Beach Shorts  ..
Volcom Dont Slip
Suoerb Beach Sandals from Volcom  ..
Religion Young
Exclusive Religion Dresses ..
Religion Budd
Exclusive Religion Dresses ..
Full Moon SUP
Full Moon SUP Trips in Calpe with Experienced Guide ..
Protest Deep Kobalt
Beach Bag from Protest  ..
Volcom Ink
Superb Volcom Full Suit ..
Volcom Ozzie Tiger
Classic Ozzie Wright Pro Model  ..

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